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Diamond Towers is a comprehensive elevators And escalators service provider engaging in the development, sales, installation, maintenance and modem renewal and transformation of elevators.


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Lift Service

Boost productivity with our cost-efficient lift service. Book now to experience the customizable maintenance options available.

General Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your escalators and elevators running with our fast and reliable repairs and maintenance services. Contact us today to get started!

Pressure Testing

Elevator pressure testing is essential for safety. Discover why and how to test with our experts now. Take the first step towards a safer elevator system!


Take the hassle out of installing elevators and escalators. Contact our experienced team and get expert installation services quickly and conveniently. Call us now!

Dumbwaiters & Chair lift

Discover how to make life easier with dumbwaiters & chair lift. Improve mobility and access problems today – click to learn more!


Experience the future of elevators with our modernisation services. Contact us now to upgrade and enjoy the benefits of a modernised elevator.

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With a global network and advanced logistics solutions, our air freight services provide.

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